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We like to think that our club differs from other clubs in a number of ways.

Perhaps most importantly, the standard of instruction at our club is high. Our sensei is skilled and devoted to teaching karate. He is a 6th Dan black belt and is registered with the World Karate Federation and the Australian Karate Federation Inc. He is an International Oceania Referee, NCAS Level 2 General and Karate specific coaching accreditation, and has numerous achievements in the field of karate as a competitor. Due to political reasons he was not allowed to compete in the AKF Tournaments until 1983, where he won 1st place in the middleweight division, and was awarded Curtin University (then W.A.I.T.) Sportsperson of the year 1983. He continued to compete for WA until 1986, and was member of the mens team event which won 3 of the 4 years. He has run the Curtin University Karate Club since 1971. Our club is not run for profit, which shows the dedication he has shown for such a long period of time. He is also the former President of the Australian Karate Federation WA Inc. and past National Deputy President - Australian Karate Federation Inc., and the former State Kata Coach.

Belief in one�s ability when facing an opponent
Belief in one�s ability when facing an opponent

We find it important that our club has a friendly, non-aggressive atmosphere. We train as friends, and try to have a good time. In many clubs, it is common that members feel the strong urge to "prove themselves", by means of aggression. We do not exhibit this sort of attitude among our members at all, and do not approve of it. We train together, and are only able to do so successfully if we cooperate with each other. A large ego will stand in the way of anyone's progress. It is irrelevant who performs better in training, because training is where we improve ourselves, whereas a tournament is the place to compete. Whether you acquire the skill fast or slow will not affect how we treat you.

There is a lot variety in our club in terms of people. We have members from many nations and ages. You might be surprised to know that there are usually as many female members training in our club as there are male.

Because our club does not exist for commercial reasons, we have comparatively low training fees , making it very accessable. Most clubs in Perth charge two or three times as much, and exist solely for commercial purposes. However, the instruction in some of these clubs may not necessarily be of the same high standard.

Our club is affiliated with the Australian Karate Federation (AKF). The AKF is the only government recognised karate body in Australia. We are also part of the Curtin University Student Guild.

A well-timed kick
A well-timed kick

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